A non-profit play based preschool serving southwest Calgary since 1980

A non-profit play based preschool serving southwest Calgary since 1980

are specifically organized to facilitate child-directed play.

has been successfully preparing children for kindergarten since 1980.



"...preschoolers learn differently from school-age children: play is essential to early learning. Play is the main way children learn and develop ideas about the world. It helps them build the skills necessary for critical thinking and leadership. It's how they learn to solve problems and to feel good about their ability to learn."

Action Alliance for Children

We offer a full range of classes that foster your child’s individual growth.

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Social Skills


Experimentation & Logic

Early Literacy &
Mathematical Thinking

Our Preschool

Did you know that Glenbrook Preschool Society is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit preschool? Because of this, our registration fees are significantly lower than comparable preschools. We rely on your generous donations, and involvement in our yearly fundraisers, to fund many exciting learning projects that benefit your children!

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SkipTheDepot will come pick up your empties and you can donate all proceeds to Glenbrook Preschool Society. Simply take a minute to upload the app, pick your day, and they take care of the rest.
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Our preschool uses
play-based learning
to foster...

are experienced and trained specifically in early childhood eduation.

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The preschool will remain closed until January 10, 2022. 

Updates regarding reopening will be posted as soon as more information is available. 

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