Ms. Hammadieh

Ms. Hammadieh is an educator and certified EA. She graduated from Mount Royal University and has loved working in her field since. Ms. Hammadieh has experience working with students of various ages and grades—delivering meaningful educational experiences. As a life-long learner and someone who is highly passionate about the field of education, Ms. Hammadieh continuously seeks knowledge to strengthen her understanding and practice. She is heavily motivated by the opportunity to expand students' limits, inspire creativity and curiosity, positively shape children’s future and cultivate a love of learning through her work.​

Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Miller began teaching preschool in 1985. I received my training at Mount Royal University and have stayed involved in learning by mentoring other Early Childhood students and doing speaking engagements on the importance of play in preschool years. When my husband and I had our three children, I decided to take a leave from teaching and operated a day home while my children were small. My own children attended Glenbrook Preschool Society and I used to substitute teach for the teachers at the preschool. When my youngest child started grade one, I began working as a kindergarten aide. I was offered a teaching position with Glenbrook Preschool Society in 2006 and have been here ever since! I am thankful for the opportunity to help young children grow in such an appropriate early childhood environment, and treasure each individual child, as each one helps me grow a bit more as a teacher.

"​I thank the wonderful teachers at Glenbrook Preschool Society for helping my son develop the confidence and skills he needed to enter kindergarten smoothly. The play-based learning helped him transform from feeling shy and timid around other children to being assertive and confident in making his own decisions. He was excited to go to preschool every day and made great friends. Best of all, his preschool experience taught him that school is a wonderful place. He now loves elementary and is excited to learn new things."
-Sherry Choma

Our Teachers

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